Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Introducing Giggle Machine’s Video Kiosk - Photo Booth and Video Booth Manila

Looking for a new adventure for your event? Experience more fun and more exciting moment at the photo booth with Giggle Machine’s Video Kiosk!

Giggle Machine Photobooth introduces Giggle Machine’s Video Kiosk where you can have your greetings, wishes or any messages be recorded on video. After capturing your picture at the photo booth, you can have your time at the video kiosk to say a short message… that simple! So simple yet you can be remembered forever as your moment can now be watched over and over again.
Book us for the months of June to August and have your Giggle Machine’s Video Kiosk for FREE! Experience it and be heard!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Jomal Linao Photo Booth Hire Manila

It was a cool moment for the Giggle Machine team to meet Jomal Linao of Kamikazee during the CCC Reunion last December 2011. He was so welcoming and not complaining even when people weren’t stopping to take a picture and photo booth moment with him.  

Thanks for the great pictures! Let’s rock and roll!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to All the Dads Out There!!!

We celebrate father’s day only once a year. It’s the time of year we give thanks to them for all the hardships and sacrifices they made for us. It’s also the time of year when we give back the same love and respect to them. Maybe we’re not obliged to celebrate this day, but what is a single day to spend time with them and just make them feel really special.

Father’s day need not be expensive or luxurious, though if you could afford it, why not, he deserves it after all. But for those who are running a tight budget, a simple lunch or dinner treat will do. For those with simple joys, maybe your kids may love to share a liter of ice cream or a bag of chocolates with daddy while playing video games or watching his favorite movie. An afternoon at the park may also do the trick or maybe an out of town trip for a little relaxation. You could also head out to the mall and play at the arcades, try out the car chasing games and check yourselves out at the photo booths they have for a little remembrance. Better yet, you could set-up one of those photo booths for rent, invite your relatives and friends to experience optimum laughter and fun with the photo booth.  Whatever plans you may have for him on this day, just make sure, it will be a day worth cherishing forever.
Sometimes we don’t understand them, at times we even ignore them and yet they see us through and make sure they’re there for us in every step of the way…. Maybe we don’t see it and maybe we ignore but just the same, they still love us unconditionally.  Papa, Papang, Daddy, Dad, Tatay, Itay… however you may call them, Happy Father’s day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shem Turns 7 - Photo Booth Rental Manila

Start your engines!!! Let’s enter the world of car racing as Shem celebrated his 7th birthday in Disney’s Cars themed party. Kids, and even the adults, were on their racing gears, varsity uniforms, boxing gloves, karate robes and other sporty outfits to celebrate Shem’s big day.

Checkered flags, balloons of black and yellow colors, tarps and wall designs of Lightning Mc Queen, Mater, and the rest of the Cars gang made the party venue so much fun to see. Mascot Ben 10 was also present adding to the surprise of the enthusiastic kids. There was also a dog show that entertained everybody, a magician that awed the kids and of course, party games and favors that brought laughter and giggles to the blissful kids. Adding to the excitement of everybody were food carts opened to everyone’s indulgence. There were ice cream station, pizza station, crushed ice drinks, chocolates… all for everybody to enjoy! A photo booth was also accessible to everybody. They all lined up at the photo booth to have their sporty looks captured. Excited kids, mom and dads, youngsters and even the grannies kept coming back for a photo booth experience. Everybody was having a blast showing off their best smiles on their sporty outfit.

The party was a huge success and for sure, Shem will never forget his 7th birthday party and neither will all the guests present on such a wonderful party as this. Till your next birthday party! VROOOOOMMMM!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jaime Rockin' @ 60 Photobooth Rental

The night was young when Sir Jaime, groovy as he is, celebrated his 60th birthday in an elegant, mediterranean style venue in Marikina City. Joined by his family, relatives and friends, the celebrant danced the night away as the band continued on playing hits after hits after hits.

Though it can be said that the event was a little nostalgic for the younger generations, both the youngs and the youngs at heart partied all night. Served with good food while listening to a live band made all the guests feel the party fever. And what else could make a party event a real party? Photo booth moment! Everybody was having a blast with the photobooth! Everyone was lining and waiting for his turn at the photo booth station. It was indeed a joy seeing little kids, teenagers, moms, dads and even grannies strike a pose and just enjoy their photo booth moment.

It was a great night and was a great party... it was a pleasure to have been a part of your birthday party Sir Jaime... Again, happy birthday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rex and Mau Photobooth Manila

It was a perfect weather in Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay when Rex and Mau came together and united as one. Rex and Mau’s wedding last December 3, 2011 was one wedding event that captured the hearts of the guests.

The bride was wearing a beautiful couture Filipiniana gown while the groom was dashing on his light colored suit… a perfect couple indeed. The amazing view of the nature added an exceptional experience, a feeling of calmness and vibrancy. Guests were all as ecstatic as the couple. Everybody was feeling romantic as the garden view set the mood for love.

The whole wedding reception brought so much joy, not only to the couple but also to all the guests. It was serene and romantic yet fun and exciting. Adding to the excitement was the photo booth. There was a photobooth set-up for all the guests to enjoy. Long line on the photo booth area did not stop the guests from getting their own photo booth experience. Children were doing their wacky gestures as their parents watched them with glee. Smiles on the faces of those captured by the photo booth were so alive. The couple themselves shared the same pleasure when it was their time to have their photobooth moment.

Rex and Mau’s garden wedding was a huge success. Relatives and friends all joined together to share the love of Rex and Mau. All in all, it was a merry making moment for everybody. Cheers!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mark and Jeremy Photo Booth Manila

The historical place of Intramuros graced the wedding of Mark and Jeremy. In a sunset garden view of November 11, 2011, a couple cherished their moment with their loved ones and friends.

It was a night to remember. The couple’s eyes glowed with faithful love for each other as their well-wishers gave their blessings. In appreciation, the couple made sure that their guests had all the best in store for them that night. Great food, nice ambiance and warmth feeling made everybody in mood for love.

Congratulations and best wishes!

It was also a night of fun and excitement. The couple showed their pleasure to the guests by giving away wonderful gifts, such as i-pod and cell phones. Furthermore, a photo booth for rent was provided for the guests. It was a blast for everybody who took photo booth experience. With all the props provided for them to choose from, it was indeed an exciting moment for everybody. Guests, as well as the couple, took not only one shot at the photo booth, but gladly came back for more.

Every wedding is a different experience. The night of Mark and Jeremy was an experience worth remembering… a night of love, of sharing and of appreciation. Historical as the venue, their night was a history with a significant story.

Back to School - Have Fun Everyone!

Time for school uniforms again! Are your kids having summer hangover? Treat them with a little pampering before school starts. Shake them up with a back to school shopping and let them enjoy picking up colorful pencils and crayons again!

And for schools to welcome the kids, how about a photo booth! Make a meet and greet moment with the kids as their first day in school is captured. Start a fun and exciting day in school to make them look forward to a new school year!

Enjoy a day with the kids before they get all tired and busy with their homeworks!