Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rex and Mau Photobooth Manila

It was a perfect weather in Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay when Rex and Mau came together and united as one. Rex and Mau’s wedding last December 3, 2011 was one wedding event that captured the hearts of the guests.

The bride was wearing a beautiful couture Filipiniana gown while the groom was dashing on his light colored suit… a perfect couple indeed. The amazing view of the nature added an exceptional experience, a feeling of calmness and vibrancy. Guests were all as ecstatic as the couple. Everybody was feeling romantic as the garden view set the mood for love.

The whole wedding reception brought so much joy, not only to the couple but also to all the guests. It was serene and romantic yet fun and exciting. Adding to the excitement was the photo booth. There was a photobooth set-up for all the guests to enjoy. Long line on the photo booth area did not stop the guests from getting their own photo booth experience. Children were doing their wacky gestures as their parents watched them with glee. Smiles on the faces of those captured by the photo booth were so alive. The couple themselves shared the same pleasure when it was their time to have their photobooth moment.

Rex and Mau’s garden wedding was a huge success. Relatives and friends all joined together to share the love of Rex and Mau. All in all, it was a merry making moment for everybody. Cheers!