Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shem Turns 7 - Photo Booth Rental Manila

Start your engines!!! Let’s enter the world of car racing as Shem celebrated his 7th birthday in Disney’s Cars themed party. Kids, and even the adults, were on their racing gears, varsity uniforms, boxing gloves, karate robes and other sporty outfits to celebrate Shem’s big day.

Checkered flags, balloons of black and yellow colors, tarps and wall designs of Lightning Mc Queen, Mater, and the rest of the Cars gang made the party venue so much fun to see. Mascot Ben 10 was also present adding to the surprise of the enthusiastic kids. There was also a dog show that entertained everybody, a magician that awed the kids and of course, party games and favors that brought laughter and giggles to the blissful kids. Adding to the excitement of everybody were food carts opened to everyone’s indulgence. There were ice cream station, pizza station, crushed ice drinks, chocolates… all for everybody to enjoy! A photo booth was also accessible to everybody. They all lined up at the photo booth to have their sporty looks captured. Excited kids, mom and dads, youngsters and even the grannies kept coming back for a photo booth experience. Everybody was having a blast showing off their best smiles on their sporty outfit.

The party was a huge success and for sure, Shem will never forget his 7th birthday party and neither will all the guests present on such a wonderful party as this. Till your next birthday party! VROOOOOMMMM!!!!