Monday, June 4, 2012

Mark and Jeremy Photo Booth Manila

The historical place of Intramuros graced the wedding of Mark and Jeremy. In a sunset garden view of November 11, 2011, a couple cherished their moment with their loved ones and friends.

It was a night to remember. The couple’s eyes glowed with faithful love for each other as their well-wishers gave their blessings. In appreciation, the couple made sure that their guests had all the best in store for them that night. Great food, nice ambiance and warmth feeling made everybody in mood for love.

Congratulations and best wishes!

It was also a night of fun and excitement. The couple showed their pleasure to the guests by giving away wonderful gifts, such as i-pod and cell phones. Furthermore, a photo booth for rent was provided for the guests. It was a blast for everybody who took photo booth experience. With all the props provided for them to choose from, it was indeed an exciting moment for everybody. Guests, as well as the couple, took not only one shot at the photo booth, but gladly came back for more.

Every wedding is a different experience. The night of Mark and Jeremy was an experience worth remembering… a night of love, of sharing and of appreciation. Historical as the venue, their night was a history with a significant story.