Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to All the Dads Out There!!!

We celebrate father’s day only once a year. It’s the time of year we give thanks to them for all the hardships and sacrifices they made for us. It’s also the time of year when we give back the same love and respect to them. Maybe we’re not obliged to celebrate this day, but what is a single day to spend time with them and just make them feel really special.

Father’s day need not be expensive or luxurious, though if you could afford it, why not, he deserves it after all. But for those who are running a tight budget, a simple lunch or dinner treat will do. For those with simple joys, maybe your kids may love to share a liter of ice cream or a bag of chocolates with daddy while playing video games or watching his favorite movie. An afternoon at the park may also do the trick or maybe an out of town trip for a little relaxation. You could also head out to the mall and play at the arcades, try out the car chasing games and check yourselves out at the photo booths they have for a little remembrance. Better yet, you could set-up one of those photo booths for rent, invite your relatives and friends to experience optimum laughter and fun with the photo booth.  Whatever plans you may have for him on this day, just make sure, it will be a day worth cherishing forever.
Sometimes we don’t understand them, at times we even ignore them and yet they see us through and make sure they’re there for us in every step of the way…. Maybe we don’t see it and maybe we ignore but just the same, they still love us unconditionally.  Papa, Papang, Daddy, Dad, Tatay, Itay… however you may call them, Happy Father’s day!